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Unit converter is an educational tools app. You can get many type of scale to convert another by this app. Most of the times we need to convert different units and perform. We may need to convert inches to mm, convert inches to cm, convert inches to feet, convert cm to inches and to convert Weight units such as convert kg to pound, convert pound to kg or convert Fahrenheit to Celsius etc. All these different scale can be converting very easily through this Unit Converter app. You can convert Length, Area, Volume, Weight, Temperature, Currency, Time, Speed, Pressure, Power, Force, Voltage, Angle, Data, Fuel, Cooking, etc. by this application without cost.

Currency option is very important in this app is updated automatically from API. As a result you can convert currencies of around 120 plus countries. This is very nice feature. We are always following this Unit Converter app for update and new feature. If you looking for Unit Converter app then this Unit Convert app is good for you.